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Posted — 2017-04-03T11:17:14+0300
Last modified — 2020-10-28T13:36:21+0300

i express my gratitude to Her for everything She has done for me. ValeriyaSpeller devote to my Hero, Angel and Savior perfect fan of Goddess, Valeria Zveginceva

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1. Briefly

Russian-language spellchecker for Sublime Text.

2. Demonstration

3. Motivation

i need extra spellchecker for Russian-language texts.

4. Testing

Tested on:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 64-bit EN,
  • Sublime Text Build 3126,
  • Node.js v7.8.0,
  • yaspeller 3.1.0,
  • literature works of Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Leonid Andreyev and Oliver Sacks (in Russian translation) — favorite Valeria writers.

Must be works in macOS and *nix operating systems.

5. Installation

  1. Install Node.js, if no. For Windows users I recommend install Chocolateyinstall Node.js by command choco install nodejs -y.
  2. Install yaspellernpm install yaspeller -g.
  3. Install SublimeLinter framework via Package Control.
  4. Install ValeriyaSpeller.

6. Usage

6.1. Required

ValeriyaSpeller highlight/output typos in next types of files:

  • Markdown,
  • HTML,
  • LaTeX,
  • Comments in any language.

Note: ValeryaLinter must work in most cases. If no, your syntax don’t have any of these scopestext.html.markdown, text.plain, text.tex.latex, comment.

After installation open any of these files → and see:

  1. ValeriyaSpeller marks in gutter,
  2. ValeriyaSpeller suggests in status bar.

6.2. Optional

You may select different SublimeLinter modes.

Also you open linting file → Ctrl+Shift+P (⌘⇧p for Mac) → SublimeLinter: Report (Open Files) → and see all linting errors and warnings of all your enabled SublimeLinter linters for all opened files.

6.3. Detail output

You can to give detailed output, example:

SublimeLinter: valeriyaspeller: TheChorusGirl.Chekhov ['C:\\Users\\SashaChernykh\\AppData\\Roaming\\npm\\yaspeller.cmd', '--check-yo', '--find-repeat-words', '--ignore-digits', '--ignore-latin', '--ignore-roman-numerals', '--ignore-uppercase', '--ignore-urls']
SublimeLinter: valeriyaspeller output:
Checking finished: 1.154 sec.
[ERR] stdin 710 ms
Typos: 2
1. Бoже (3:3, en: *o**, ru: Б*же, suggest: Боже)
2. ПСаши (5:116, suggest: Саши)
Capitalization: 1
1. ВсПомнила (9:113, suggest: Вспомнила)
Letter Ё (Yo): 1
1. довел (3:108, count: 2, suggest: довёл)

Ctrl+Shift+P (⌘⇧p for Mac) → SublimeLinter: Enable Debug Mode → open file, which you needs to linting → open Sublime Text console → see output.

7. Description

7.1. Command line arguments

Description of yaspeller npm module, command line keys. Default command is

yaspeller --check-yo --find-repeat-words --ignore-digits --ignore-latin --ignore-roman-numerals --ignore-uppercase --ignore-urls

7.2. Limits

10 thousands queries and 10 millions symbols in a day, see 3.2 item terms of rules.

8. Known problems and issues

  1. SublimeLinter don’t work with unsaved buffers, it use file_name() method, not id() method.

If you may to solve these problems, please tell me about it. Pull requests welcome! You also can add your +1 comment in any issue of this list.

9. Others thematic packages

For English and Russian:

  1. LanguageTool,
  2. DictionariesRussian-English bilingual dictionary,
  3. write-good,
  4. Thesaurus.

Also in Sublime Text implemented proselint package, but I have critical CPU usage bug.