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Posted — 2018-03-22T07:52:14+0300
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  1. Overview
  2. Demonstration
  3. Relevance
  4. Limitations
  5. Comparison
  6. Getting formId
  7. Mail forwarding
    1. Check mail forwarding

1. Overview

In this article I wrote typo-reporter:

  • features,
  • possibly problems and it solutions,

that not described in official typo-reporter Readme.

2. Demonstration

You can try use typo-reporter directly on this web page. Usage instructions see on typo-reporter description.

  • English form example:


  • How does a webmaster see a new report:

New report

  • E-mail message for webmaster:

typo-reporter mail

  • Russian form example:


Styles, that I use for form in examples above:

3. Relevance

This article is relevant for March 2018. In the future, the data in this article may be obsolete.

4. Limitations

typo-reporter limitations:

  1. Works for PC, not for mobile devices.

That use typo-reporter on your site you need to have:

  1. site, that support custom JavaScript and CSS inserting (some website builders don't support this),
  2. Google account.

5. Comparison

I use typo-reporter, not Orphus or another alternatives, because typo-reporter:

  1. Open source,
  2. Active maintained (jquery.textmistake project closed)
  3. Have technical support (Orphus community spammed),
  4. Support CDN — you need paste to your web page <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/typo-reporter/lib/TypoReporter.min.js"></script> (CDN vs. local files).


    NpmCDN, that described in official documentation hangs for me. I use JSDelivr CD instead.

6. Getting formId


If you try get formId use this method, typo-reporter will not work.

Create your spreadsheetFormEdit formSend → click to link icon → copy link below:

formId link

For link:

    copy symbols between /e/ and /viewform — it your formId.


7. Mail forwarding

I don't use GMail, because GMail move to Spam non-spam messages more often than another mail services (example). But “notifications are solely sent to the email address associated with your Google account”. That solve this problem I use mail forwarding.

Example filter:

In your GMail create a filter with parameters:

  • Fromnotify@google.com;
  • Has the words — name of your spreadsheet;
  • Forward it to: — your forwarding e-mail;
  • check Never Send it to Spam.

Filter 1Filter 2

7.1. Check mail forwarding

After filter creating I recommend to make sure, that:

  1. typo reports forwarded,
  2. another e-mail messages not forwarded.

Example testing:

SendExpected behavior for your forwarding e-mail
Example typo report on your siteGet similar message
Any another message from another e-mail to your GMail mailDon't get any message